RevePeel Chemical Peel

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When it comes to reducing hyperpigmentation, melasma, acne, and fine lines and wrinkles, the Revepeel results are absolutely superior when compared to the results of other medical grade chemical peels on the market. This is due to that revolutionary Croton oil-blended delivery system which allows the peel to be applied evenly (as opposed to just alcohol-based peels) and enables it to penetrate to deeper depths targeting buried damage and stubborn pigment. This unique delivery system reduces the risk of post procedure inflammation (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, PIH) making the RevePeel a safe choice for virtually all skin types. We also feel that there is a synergistic relationship between this chemical peel and retinol-based products like Retin products like Retin-A. When combined the results last even longer because collagen/adduction and skin cell turnover are accelerated. This not only prevents aging but also allows for a high turnover of unhealthy skin.