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Semaglutide Weight Management Consultation
Semaglutide Weight Management Consultation

Semaglutide Weight Management Consultation


Semaglutide is the newest, most effective weight loss medication to be approved by the FDA. If you’ve been struggling to lose unwanted weight, it’s time for you and your body to take action today! Join the community of people who have lost on average 15% of their total body weight from this revolutionary weight loss medication.


Semaglutide is available in a once-weekly injection, performed by a clinical team member or through self injection. The injection is given under the skin of the upper arm, the stomach, buttock, or the thigh. 


Semaglutide+Vitamin B12 is a once weekly glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) injection. This medication improves glycemic control and delays gastric emptying. This results in decreased appetite, reduction of food cravings, and improved control of eating. This peptide is well studied and is successful at decreasing HbA1c in those with diabetes and is associated with weight loss


Start your journey today to healthy weight management by setting up a consultation with a clinical team member! We'll go over your your medical history, recommend blood work (if needed) and answer any questions you have about our weight loss program. 

Once approved, your consultation fee will be applied to the total cost of your Weight Management Program.

*Please note the consultation fee is non-refundable.